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I don't know how long the page had been de facto down, but I'll take some time to change that. First of all, there was a lot of work to do, then I had to find a suitable replacement of iWeb that Apple discontinued in their endless wisdom. That PHP album style did a decent job, although I was not too happy with the design (but no time for longer tests, etc.).

But now, I guess, I found a nice solution I can live with and will add new albums step by step in order to getting used to my new web editor software (RapidWeaver 8). I also am reconsidering the page content wise, means if I want to rebuild the albums with the large photo collection as I had previously, or if I should treat the site like a blog showing off just some highlight photos from different trips, also depending on how easily the further progress will be.

The links below should give you an overview of the site - the pages are also available via the hamburger menu top right.

So long, have fun!