Wheat field shoot

Today, I went somewhere into the countryside as I wanted to have some shots of a wheat field. I was lucky to find a field which was midst in harvesting. These photos can be seen in the album "Heidelberg Landscape 2019".

Added further albums

Oh - totally forgot to add a blog post for the recently added new albums. I'll list the new items below:

  • London 2011
  • Heidelberg - Mannheim 2011
  • Frankfurt Airport 2012
  • New York City 2012
  • London 2013
  • Australia 2014
  • Vilnius 2015
  • Zagreb 2015
  • Opatija 2015
  • Mallorca 2015

I'm still thinking of adding further albums - but not yet sure which ones.

Relaunch with new design

After years of abandonment, I have overhauled the page after a search for a suitable web editor. Currently, I have RapidWeaver in use, and it offers a lot of possibilities without having to install Wordpress or any other CMS which tend to have security vulnerabilities. The sites will be generated locally on my laptop.

I started with the 2011 Australia trip, but further albums will be added step by step.